My top apps for Yoginis

I have tried quite a few of the apps for yoga & meditation out there, some good, some not so good and I thought I would share some of my top picks that have stood the test of time on my iPhone. You’ll notice there are no actual Yoga apps on my list, this is purely because I have not found a yoga app that I enjoy using for my home practice yet, as a yoga teacher, I tend to practice a more intuitive yoga at home, rather than a set practice, so the apps I regularly use support this type of home practice rather than instructional apps. The apps below I use on my iphone, I am due to get an Android tablet soon, so as I find some good Android apps I’ll add them in.


1. Mindfulness II


This app has some lovely guided meditations and also a silent meditation timer with mindfulness bells at intervals you choose. I like that there was a choice of guided meditations and the personalised meditation options, which allow you t choose an introduction and then a period of silent meditation. They also have a specific app for meditation during pregnancy.

iOS app store link

Unfortunately these apps do not appear to be available on Android yet; lets hope that changes soon!


2. Universal Breathing: Pranayama


I love this app for the flexibility of being able to programme my own timings and ratios for different pranayama practices. I would like there to be a nice singing bowl tone or something a little more gentle to note the end of the practice rather than just the abrupt cut off of the sound., but it is a minor irritation compared to the flexibility for more own practice it offers.

They also have a range of other relaxation and yoga apps.

iOS app store link

Android app link


3. Nature Scenes


The sounds board allows you to create your own background music, it has great selection of sounds and the ability to change the volume of each individual sound to create the perfect ambiance for your yoga or meditation practice.

iOS app store link

There appears to be no Android version available yet.


4. Zen Waves


For anyone who is wide awake at bedtime and having trouble quieting down their mind, this app can really send you off to sleep without disturbing your partner or the need of headphones. It using a gentle pulsing of light to help you calm, you simply synchronise your breath with the pulsing light. I like that you can use this also with your eyes closed as you are still aware of the pulsing, but in a relaxing way, which does not prevent you going off to sleep. There are some personalisation options including being able to change the colour of the light as well as the length of the pulse. It’s not the best looking app, but it does a great job!

iOS store link

No Android version.



Alex has been practising yoga & meditation for over 15 years and started teaching 5 years ago. She has recently launched Stress Management for a Modern World, an online mindfulness based stress management course. Alex is from the Isle of Wight, UK, and moved in 2010 to live in Ogliastra, Sardinia for a simpler and quieter life. You can find out more at her websites at: