Get the most out of your practice

Do not do anything that doesn’t feel right in the present moment, if the posture is not working for you for any reason, modify it so it feels right for your body, mind and soul or relax out of it and rest. Your body, mind and emotions are constantly changing, what feels right one day may not feel the same way the next day, listen to your experience as it is happening now, be guided by your inner intuition. Never do anything that hurts, listen to your breathing, it is a good indicator for understanding your limits, if it is becoming irregular or difficult, rest and wait for your body to be ready before starting again.
Do not worry about what other people think, or what other people are doing, experience YOUR practice fully and with complete awareness, without being distracted by external influences or by internal dialogue or internal judgements about yourself or others.
Enjoy your strengths, but do not neglect your weaknesses, do not be ashamed of the things that you find difficult or challenging. Your weaknesses and the areas of the practice that you enjoy less are opportunities for learning and growing. These are the experiences that we tend to avoid or reject, and these are often the experiences from which we can learn the most, try staying with the postures you tend to avoid, see if you can find a way of liking them, or at least try to breathe and stay with the experience for a while.
Wear clothes that fit and are comfortable for you, that suit how you feel and suit your personality and make you feel good about yourself and allow you to give your attention fully to your practice without the need to adjust your clothing, wear clothes that do not hinder your movements or emotional freedom to explore your experience of your yoga practice.
Whether in class or at home, follow your intuition in a posture; listen, feel, adjust, listen again. Enjoy your practice!
Alex has been practising yoga & meditation for over 15 years and started teaching 5 years ago. She has recently launched Stress Management for a Modern World, an online mindfulness based stress management course. Alex is from the Isle of Wight, UK, and moved in 2010 to live in Ogliastra, Sardinia for a simpler and quieter life. You can find out more at her websites at: