Body Massage

Do you have backache or neck ache? A massage can help to relieve muscle spasms and tension, easing your pain.

Release all your aches and pains.

Release all your aches and pains.

In Brief, massage benefits the whole body, both physiologically and psychologically. However, some of the systems are more directly affected, particularly the skin, blood and lymph circulation, muscles and nerves. Massage is designed to focus on  muscle tension and spasms, releasing chronic tension patterns and smoothing out muscles.

The treatment focuses on the areas where blockages and spasms are found and the therapist will smooth out any problems. Our therapist uses a variety of techniques originating from Swedish Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.

You can choose a full body massage or just a back and neck massage.

A treatment lasts about an hour.

“Very relaxing. Best massage I’ve had in ages and worked with the problem areas as well.” – Preet

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