Ardha Chandrasana – Crescent Moon Pose

Start on your hands and knees, and step forward with your right leg between the hands. Exhale and lean the hips forward and down. The left leg stretched behind; the left knee resting on the ground. Inhale and arch the back and bend the head backwards. You can rest the fingertips on the floor for support or for the final position raise your hands above your head keeping the elbows straight. You can hold the position for 3 to 8 breaths.
Your physical awareness should be on the curving of the spine and the stretch in the hips, chest and throat areas.
Your spiritual awareness should be on swadhisthana and vishuddhi chakras.
This posture is a revitalizing pose, it loosens and strengthens the skeletal structure, particularly the spine and can help to relieve sciatica, it enhances blood circulation, relieves respiratory problems, sore throat and colds through the stretching of the chest and neck and can also be beneficial for disorders related to the ovaries, uterus and urinary tract through the stimulation to the abdominal area and increased blood flow to the region.
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