About our Yoga

Alex, our yoga teacher, teaches Hatha Yoga influenced by Mindfulness, the classes are intuitive and reflective of the abilities of the group.

In the winter we organise Hatha Yoga Courses throughout Ogliastra. In the summer we organise Beach Yoga classes in Ogliastra. So whether you are just visiting the area or are staying here longer term, we have plenty to offer.

And I have good news!

Anyone, at any age, with any shape or size of body can practice yoga to get the numerous benefits for your health, for example:

On a Physical Level:

Lowers blood pressure
Increases brain functions
Lowers cholesterol
Improved breathing
Better alignment of the skeleton
Improves circulation
Improves posture
Improves digestion
Supports immune functions of the endocrine system

A Mental Level:

Increases the ability to cope with stressful relationships and short and long term challenges and decrease stress
Mind becomes more peaceful
Increased ability to focus and improved mental clarity
Greater concentration
Increased self-esteem
Can help in dealing with addictions
More energy and enthusiasm

At an internal level:

Through the regular practice of yoga you cultivate the ability to recognise more and more in depth the beauty of life. With time and practice you develop the ability to address all aspects of our human experience, the pleasant and the unpleasant, with strength, balance, steadiness and truth. It creates an increasingly strong connection and loving relationship with our inner world and improves the understanding and compassion of the experience of others.

Do not worry if your body is not very flexible. Yoga is not competitive, nor does it aim to force you into perfect or advanced postures, and indeed it is a wonderful opportunity to meet and “work” with your ​​body, always respecting it’s limits.

A regular practice of yoga is a journey to a healthier body and a happier life ….

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