Vegan & Raw Recipes

In preparation for my new vegan and raw eating plan which I intend to start in the New Year (see my previous post),  I am looking through a monster amount of information,  articles and recipes.

I am searching for some recommendations for great cookery books, preferably not ones based around any kind of meat substitutes,  but more around great tasting,  satisfying raw and Vegan food. There seem to be some great books out there,  unfortunately I can’t afford them all, but I am interested in hearing what are your bibles when it comes to raw and/or vegan recipes,  your ultimate selection or Top 3’s?

Please let me know by leaving a comment,  on Twitter or Facebook,  or by contacting me using the contact form.


New Year, New Lifestyle

So I have decided that after Christmas I would like to start to make the switch from being a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian to eating mostly Vegan and much more Raw food.


I have been a Vegetarian now for over 20 years, and in that time I have  gained quite a few pounds,  you see I am also a cheese and chocolate lover,  I like to finish my meal with something sweet,  and for these reasons I think this might be a serious challenge for me!

So my intention is to plan well and keep a new blog of the whole process,  including Daily record of some detailed stats,  such as my energy levels, craving levels (and what they were for), weight, BMI, and a good diary.

So before I start, I’d like to reach out to others that have made the change for information,  advice and help.

So if you want to help me make the change, in any way,  let me know and I will make sure you feature in my blog posts.