Gratitude Walk in Ogliastra

It’s hard not be be overwhelmed with gratitude for life in this environment; so many reasons to feel joy for life surrounded with so much beauty, so much incredible, wild scenery. The air heavy with the scent of pollen, there were so many wild flowers along the road as I walked home from Jerzu, blues, purples, yellows, whites…such a spectacle! The butterflies gracefully fluttering through the air, my two companions making me laugh by energetically chasing the shadows of butterflies and bees on the road.

I walked for 2 hours, enjoying the spring sunshine, I saw only 3 cars the whole time, and one person tending his beehives; such a wonderful walk I wanted to share a few photos with you. I am not a photographer, I carry my iPhone with me and take shots when they present themselves, but I hope they give you an idea of how beautiful this “Island with an Island” of Ogliastra is, and I hope it might inspire you to visit, there is so much to see and do here if you love the outdoors and nature it truly is a paradise!


As I walked away from Jerzu travelling back home, this was the first view back to the “City of wine” with it’s cantina nestling just below!


Tacchi above Jerzu

The “heels of Jerzu” or Tacchi D’Ogliastra” jutting out from the earth above the town.


View towards Tortolì

The view looking towards Tortolì & Cardedu.



An unusual rock formation jutting out at the side of the road and Kuma & Shiva trying to find lizards.



As I get nearer to home, this is the view the other side of the ridge from Jerzu.


Tacchi Valley

Looking further South towards the end of the valley.


Our Valley

The other side of the valley from the Tacchi, this is the valley that our house nestles along.


View towards Gairo

The view from our valley, looking back towards Jerzu & Gairo



The entrance road to our house is at the bottom of this valley. Notice also the little chasms caused by the rock formations here.


Monte Ferru

View towards Monte Ferru from the valley.