Alternative meditation cushions

So you would like to start or are already practicing meditation, but the sitting posture is making things difficult for you, you have seen meditation cushions, but can’t afford one yet….what are the cheaper alternatives??

One unique idea shared by one of my meditation teachers is to use 2 toilet rolls;


A novel, and cheap, meditation aid

“A good sitting gear: two new rolls of toilet paper. Try it with “comfortable posture” (sukhasana). Use these or 2 small balls (about 4-5 in/10-13 cm) or similar objects, perhaps covered/wrapped with a small towel. Place them under the sit bones (ischiums) as in the picture, with the heel of the rear foot in the opening of the “V”. Keep the knees touching the ground and the body upright, maintaining a small curve in the lower back if possible.” writes Thanh Huynh who runs a free online mindfulness meditation course.