This is not an advanced. perfect or difficult yoga posture, this is not a fit, perfect body, but this IS yoga and it does feel perfectly blissful!
Cobra posture, Cea Beach, Ogliastra
There are so many photos and videos out there of perfect bodies doing perfect (and advanced) poses. They feel wrong to me for 2 reasons; the first: they are just another example of modern society’s obsession with sex, perfection and beauty which places pressure on everyone to reach these unrealistic goals and promotes, self loathing, inadequacy and a desire to be something other than what we are. The second: I worry that it puts many people off trying yoga, because the postures we see are advanced postures and are not achievable for many, even after years of practice, not every body is the same and not every body is capable of some of these advanced postures. So many people who are curious about yoga have said to me “I can’t do yoga, I am not flexible enough”; these pictures and videos do nothing to encourage these people and it is a shame because so many could benefit from a yoga practice.
I understand that for some these pictures are incentive and goals and I am not saying there is no place for them at all, but I do feel the balance with videos and photos showing more subtle and gentle practice is totally off.I long for the day when we will be encouraged to embrace and love ourselves for who we are and where we are on our journey and when we can learn to see and accept others for who they are, with all their imperfections!