Day One

So a few of you may already know that I have just launched my new project, Stress Management for a Modern World, an on-line mindfulness based course. It launched today and I have decided that it will be good for me to do the course too, not so much because I am stressed; I'm not, I live a blessed life at the moment and have very few reasons to get stressed, but because I think it will be good to experience first hand and also an opportunity to make any alterations or changes as necessary.

I am going to try to blog about it each day, to talk about my own experiences with the course and maybe offer additional insights to anyone who is or will in the future take the course.

Let's get Stress Out in 2014!

Let's get Stress Out in 2014!

Today I set my timeslot for the course, I have suggested to anyone taking the course to find a time of day when they will always have free to do the practices. I have chosen 1:30pm, just after lunch, I don't have any yoga courses at this time, everything here closes down for lunch so I am unlikely to have any other type of appointments either.

When do you have half an hour each day that you can use for yourself, I don't mean to do this course, but just to spend some time for you, doing something away from the household  and family chores, work, computer, television, etc? If you are thinking "you must be joking!", can you think of any ways you can simplify your schedule, anything that you really don't NEED to do that you can drop and spend some time relaxing for yourself?

So how did I get on with day 1?

I was a little apprehensive about listening to the sound of my own voice I must admit, but I did the affirmation in my most determined voice, brought my mind to the present moment and suspended any judgements or any tendencies to be self critical and just listened to the relaxation.  Please don't think the next sentence is in any way self or ego driven; after the practice I felt fully relaxed, the guided audio did it's job really well for me, it hit the spot perfectly! My body felt like all the tension was melting away, a feeling of warmth and relaxation spread through my body as I listened, it felt a bit like going under an anaesthetic, but without the cold feeling and loss of consciousness!

What occurred to me when I reflected on the process afterwards was that it is amazing how much tension we hold in our bodies all the time without noticing and how many different places in the body we hold it in; I know we tend to hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders, but I was still quite surprised how much tension I was holding in my arms!

So that was my experience of the first day of the course. I am sure they will not all be so relaxing, but it was a good first day for me. Feel free to let me know if you do a regular relaxation practice and how you find guided relaxation or body scan practices, what effect they have on you physically, emotionally and psychologically, I'd love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. laura

    I love that you’re doing this with us! I loved today, it was just what I needed. SO true about the tension. I tense up a huge amount around my eyes and forehead and am now reminding myself to let it go every so often. Really looking forward to continuing with this course

    Chambray & Curls

    1. Yoga In SardiniaYoga In Sardinia Post author

      Thank you Laura 😉 I am really pleased you enjoyed the first day too, and great that it’s already started prompting you to notice tension and consciously relax, result!