Day 2 & 3

Ok, so I may be cheating a bit doing one blog post for 2 days, but hay-ho! It's a lame excuse, but I've been feeling seriously tired the last 2 days, that kind of tired where you feel like someone must have inserted a syringe in your spine and sucked out all your energy and strength, I think it's those feminine hormones having a bit of a laugh at my expense again 😐

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Now for a bug report! I have found an issue with Chrome not streaming the audio files properly, after much research I have discovered it is nothing to do with the website, but a bug within Chrome (see this article if you are REALLY interested and need to understand more!). Basically, since about 2010, Chrome programmers decided it was a good idea to buffer only 2MB worth of HTML5 audio files to prevent your cache filling in the event you didn't listen to them, but it also causes audio files to stop buffering and doesn't then restart, even if you start playing any of them. So not a lot I can do about it at the moment except recommend that you use any other browser except Chrome :(

So to clarify, if you have issues with streaming and you are using Chrome, please use a different browser. If you are having problems with streaming in another browser, please let me know so I can investigate further. Sorry for the inconvenience, if Chrome developers fix the issue I'll let you know.

MorgueFile imageOnto the course experience....

Apart from the technical issues, which provoked a substantial amount of mental chatter in my head, I did manage to physically relax, my body felt calm and floppy (couldn't think of a better word for it!!), as it did on the first day, and to a certain extent my "Monkey mind" quietened down a bit: But, in all honesty, I did find it a bit harder to be mentally quiet, mostly due to the Chrome issue, but also there was a bit of mental planning going on too, the good thing was that I was aware I was planning and thinking, so I could put a bit of distance between it a my relaxation practice, just letting it be there without getting irritated and uptight about it.

Have you found this when you practice relaxation yet; on the course or in Yoga class maybe? Did you get caught up in your thoughts and plans, or were you able to notice it was happening and allow it to pass you by without getting caught up or agitated?

It's important to point out that being relaxed, and meditation, does not necessarily mean to be empty of thoughts, it's more about letting thoughts come and go without following them; I heard a great story to explain it, I can't remember who by though, if I find the original I'll add it in, for now I'll just give you the gist...

Imagine your mind like a beautiful country kitchen, there is a front door and a back door to the room and a lovely wooden table and comfy chairs. Now allow your thoughts to enter through the front door and leave through the back door, you don't need to shout at them to get out,  invite them to sit down for a cup of tea, or get up and follow them out the back door; just watch them pass through!

So next time this happens, try using this visualisation to see if you can get some distance or perspective and allow those persistent thoughts to come and go!





2 thoughts on “Day 2 & 3

  1. sophie

    Hi Alex, silly bugs-i had no problems using firefox thank goodness. I think at first and during extreme stressful times I find it harder to just let the thoughts pass by but ive had a few sessions where I really felt that deep level of relaxation.